A crystal radio is very simple radio receiver that requires no power source since it runs on radio waves received by an antenna. They are named after the most important component, the crystal detector, in this case the diode is made from a mineral know commonly as Fool's Gold (pyrite).
David E. H. Jones was an archaeologist whose focus of research included exploring acoustic phenomena embedded within surface layers of archaeological artifacts such as clay pots and oil paintings. In one of his research experiments sound was extracted from a clay pot and an oil painting by running a stylus from a record player over the groves in the clay or over the painting's surface.The painting that you see hung in the gallery is an archive of different examples of Metal and Rock Music from the current and past century for the future to listen to.
Sculptures for Listening to Inaudible Frequencies: Pyrite Radios
(Rhombus, Cube and Ship), wood, copper wire, ceramic earphone, necklace, nails, scrap metal and safety pin.
Wood Sculpture for Space, domestic and exotic wood, 3000 year old meteorite and concave mirror
Wood Sculpture for Light and Gravity, 12k white gold leaf on birch
Painting for Past Present and Future: Pentagon Black Metal and Rock Archive, oil on canvas
Hand Holding Gold: After Irving Penn, digital archival print
Bronze Age Stone Phone, HDV with sound, Johan Björck and Laura Piasta

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